The One Piece of Gear I Always Bring Backpacking and Camping

I Just got back from a few weeks of playing in the interior. I did a few day trips to nearby lakes for a bit of fishing, went on one three day outing to look over an area for possible future trips, and did a bit of backcountry driving – poking around here and there.  Regardless of trip length, climate, time of year, or outing intent, there is one piece of gear I always pack.

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4 Places to Look for Discount Camping Gear

Camping Gear at Reasonable Prices There are a number of places you can get discount or budget outdoor gear. Notice I didn’t say cheap. Quality equipment can often be found for a reasonable price if you are not in a hurry to buy and/or don’t feel the need to own the latest and greatest.

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Don’t Hike Off a Cliff – Before You Know How


In commercial arboriculture, new tree climbers are trained “low and slow”. This allows trainees to get accustomed to the equipment, body positioning, and cutting techniques, in a controlled, graduated manner. Full training can take many years of consistent practice. New backpackers and campers would be well advised to follow the same practice. Yet…

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